Many brides and their families do everything themselves and do not hire a wedding planner, but if you choose to, this list can help you find the perfect person to help you have a stress free wedding.

We always recommend that you have a contract with whomever you choose that lays out each and every detail of responsibility for each party with a timeline of when each item will be accomplished and the fees associated with the scope of responsibility. Wedding planners can make or break your wedding so please choose wisely.  

Please note that we do have a wedding planner on-staff and many of those services at this time are free to those booking our venue. We are happy to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. If you want the perfect day without all the planning, we also offer full wedding planning services for a fee based on the scope of services you wish.

(Typical fees for wedding planners vary, depending on scope of service). 10%-20% of your gross wedding budget.

Typical tasks performed by your wedding planner (varies depending on fee charged):

  • Setting up a realistic wedding budget.
  • Devising a wedding master plan that maps out all the little details, from ceremony music to favors
  • Showing you the best and most original locations in the area, considering your wedding size, budget, and vision
  • Finding the top florists, photographers, caterers, bands, DJs and other vendors in your price range.
  • Cutting you choice deals: Consultants bring volume to favored vendors, so often the vendors will reciprocate by slashing prices or throwing in extras
  • Reading over all your vendor contracts to make sure everything is there, correct, and in accordance with your best interests and negotiating any amendments on your behalf
  • Creating a day-of (or weekend-of) timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process -- vendors, members of the wedding party, you, and your families -- when to do what
  • Handling the invitations, from the wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing, as well as tracking RSVPs
  • Counseling you on proper etiquette as well as what's hot on the wedding front
  • Supervision and instruction for the rehearsal.
  • Managing the wedding day: supervising vendors, setup, and delivery; handling emergencies; and soothing nerves
  • Serving as your spokesperson, conveying your every whim and desire to vendors or family members when you just can't deal with doing it yourself
  • Suggestion for planning and booking your honeymoon

What Does A Wedding Planner Do?